ADA Handicap Compliance – Case Study

The price of property ownership comes with great responsibility. The American with Disabilities Act provides the rules and regulations governing the accessibility in and around your property. These guidelines are very strict, and allow for little room for interpretation. Furthermore, violating the ADA rules come with heavy fines and the possibility of closure. Builders United has completed dozens of highly sensitive ADA Compliance projects over the years, and we pride ourselves on our understanding of, and ability to meet, these strict guidelines. Contact Us if your project needs the eyes of an ADA Expert.

  • ADA Construction and Compliance
  • Since 2008
  • Egress, Handicap, Accessibility, Functionality

Builders United is boldly positioned to address the unique ADA Compliance demands of mid-sized and specialty construction projects. As a SELF-PERFORMING BUILDING CONTRACTOR, our clients find that our core strengths and attention to these specific details provide an exponential advantage when confronting these specialized needs:

  • Building Accessibility, Egress and Fire/ Life/ Safety Compliance.
  • ADA Ramps, Handrail, Accessible Fixtures, and Customized Construction.
  • Tight production schedules, deadlines, or operations schedules that require flexible trade coordination.
  • Custom Design/ Build fabrications that meet ADA's strict guidelines while providing the owner with the desired beauty and functionality.
  • Highly Sensitive Patient/ Client areas, Classified Security/ Production Status, or Unique Operations/ Access Scenarios that require a confidential/ white-glove approach to the project.

  • Builders United has a large appetite for these delicate ADA projects and we understand the processes required to achieve the required results. We are not your everyday construction contractor. Contact Builders United for a hands-on, personalized approach to your specialty project.