Day Club Pool Renovation – Case Study

In early 2014, Builders United was presented with the exciting opportunity to renovate one of the most popular day clubs on the Las Vegas Strip for a huge new company that has been buying up venues all over town. Builders United tackled the Hakkasan Bare Pool Renovation Project at the famous Mirage Casino Resort on a fast track 6 week schedule, with a completion date just in time for the spring opening.


  • Demo and reconstruct cabanas using high end IPE plank materials.
  • Deadline March 2015 - 42 CALENDAR DAYS to complete
  • Design/ build exterior space with partial re-use of existing finishes.
  • Hand crafted wood paneling, blend of new and existing.
  • Design, fabricate and install customized retractable canvas roof top awnings.
  • Design, fabricate and install custom privacy draperies.

The project designers hoped to maintain the authentic beauty of the hand crafted finishes by remodeling the space using the existing Ipe wood planking that hung on the old cabana walls and was used throughout the rest of the club. Builders United had the task of carefully disassembling the old cabanas and then sourcing and matching the Ipe material for the expanded square footage. Aside from the obvious challenge of matching the wood's aged color and finish, we had the added obstacle of matching the screw hole pattern from the old wall stud layout to the new wall stud layout. As with any renovation project inside of a larger space, you never want it to look like a patch job.

The Builders United team came together and executed beautifully on the project, hitting the timeline and bringing the project in under budget. We blended the new Ipe material in with the old existing paneling, while matching the screw pattern and fitting the planks for a seamless and brilliantly colored finish. The custom built retractable awnings and colorful fabric finishes brought the entire space to life on day one, and those cabanas have sold out daily ever since. When it comes to high end finishes, custom materials and fabrics, and making the most out of reusable materials in your green project. Builders United gets it done.