High Traffic Retail Renovation While OPEN- Case Study

Any contractor who has worked the retail sector knows how critical the downtime is to the retailer's bottom line. In some cases, closing the store fully in order to renovate isn't even an option.

...Queue Builders United

We've served the Mirage Resort for several years now and we were happy to tackle an open retail project inside the casino. The Essentials Retail store is a 24 hour a day 365 days a week venue that serves Mirage patrons with the 'Essentials" of life, snacks, water, cigarettes, liquor, and a few T shirts.
We took on the project over an 8 week timeline that involved shutting down the store in two phases:

Close down the small side of the store, trench and install data and power for new POS station. Demo and refinish all walls and floor. Lave the large side open with existing POS to serve customers.
Close down the large side with the new POS open now from Phase 1 and complete the renovations to the walls, floors and ceilings.

1. Budget was reduced by half after digging through the line items.
2. Store construction was to be done in two phases so that the 24 Hour a day operation could remain open.

1. We applied high end refinishing techniques, instead of purchasing new. The end result was beautiful.
2. Builders United devised a two phase theme achieve the goals of construction while keeping operations open.