Notice of Violations- Case Study

Receiving a Notice of Violation for the building department can be an extremely frustrating experience for the property owner. The added pressure of a short term deadline and additional violation fees have many owners scrambling for a solution. Builders United has resolved hundreds of Notice of Violations over the years through a proven system of analysis, consultation with the building department, issue resolution, inspections and documentation. Though each Notice may be different, the steps to the solution are generally the same. Contact Us if you find yourself in this precarious situation.

  • Notice of Violation Resolutions
  • Since 2008
  • Unpermitted Work, Conversions, Fire / Life / Safety issues

Builders United is boldly positioned to address the unique demands of mid-sized and specialty construction projects. As a SELF-PERFORMING BUILDING CONTRACTOR, our clients find that our core strengths provide an exponential advantage when confronting these specialized needs:

  • High-end custom millwork, architectural metals, and specialized fabrications and/or finishes.
  • High profile / high traffic spaces that require night shifts, off hours, and/or weekend work.
  • Tight production schedules, deadlines, or operations schedules that require flexible trade coordination.
  • Design/ Build fabrications utilizing In-house tradesmen partnering with highly experienced subcontractors and suppliers.
  • Highly Sensitive Patient/ Client areas, Classified Security/ Production Status, or Unique Operations/ Access Scenarios that require a confidential/ white-glove approach to the project.

  • Builders United has a large appetite for these delicate projects and processes because we've trained for, and are specialized in successfully completing these types of projects. We are not your everyday construction contractor. Contact Builders United for a hands-on, personalized approach to your specialty project.