Pieology @ MGM Grand

Lakeview Construction presented a uniquely difficult project as they sought to refinish the flooring at the front restaurant area and the back of house after the opening of the Pieology Pizza Shop at MGM Grand in Las Vegas, NV. The project was to be done off hours during the night, and schedule and executed in a fashion that allowed for full scale foot traffic each following day. The challenge was met with a mix of quality materials that could meet the dry time execution, along with a team of skilled tradesmen who were up to the task. The end result is a beautifully finished restaurant that did not miss a single day of operation or revenue.

Pieology is a gourmet "factory style" eatery inside the beautiful MGM Grand in Las Vegas, NV where you can design and create your own artisan pizzas. Pick your choice of fresh dough, sauces, cheeses and toppings and voila! You’ve got a piping hot, custom pizza baked in a stone hearth in two minutes or less.