Our Guarantee - Builders United
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Our Guarantee

Builders United is dedicated to standing out from our competitors


On Time

We’ll be on-time within 15 minutes OR get a free Starbucks gift card. We know your time is important, so we will arrive within 15 minutes of the appointment window that we set with you or we will buy you a coffee while you wait. It’s our way of acknowledging that time is a precious thing to waste

100% Quality

Quality satisfaction is guaranteed OR we will redo it for free. This means no cutting corners. In this business, you get what you pay for, and you may decide to choose the low bid over quality. But with Builders United we stand behind the quality of our work, and like a great chef, we use quality ingredients in the materials and labor we put into your finished project. This quality shines through in our impressive list of repeat clients and referrals that trust that Builders United will get it done right.


We’ll have the construction area clean OR have it professionally cleaned for free. We will leave your project in cleaner condition than it was when we arrived or we will have our professional cleaning service come back, at a time that is convenient for you, and clean the entire space for free. We treat your space like it is our own, and take pride in leaving in pristine condition.



Receive a written itemized bid on the scope of work of your project. Contractors are notorious for giving verbal pricing or vague one page estimates. But you can’t understand how the pricing is derived unless you see a detailed line by line cost estimate. And these line item estimates are standard in big insurance and professional contractor settings. At Builders United, we bring that high standard to every size job by providing all of our customers with detailed line itemized estimates on their projects. Giving you, and us, a better understanding of exactly what is going to be included in bringing your project to a successful close.


Pay nothing until after the work has begun. Do you know anyone or ever heard a story of a customer getting ripped off by a contractor? We have. That’s why it is a stout policy at Builders United to never require money up front for the most common jobs. We get your signed estimate and get on the job and start before we ever talk money. That ensures you that we are invested in your job and have “skin in the game”. Most jobs under $5,000 are paid for in full after everything is complete..


Quality that is backed by our labor guarantee for 365 days after the final date of installation. Construction work is only as good as its ability to last. We’ve built a vast client network by standing behind our work and proving to our clients we will get it done correctly no matter the cost. So while we may not be the low price, the quality you get with Builders United is a cut above the rest.