Men’s Fashion

The Berluti Men's Fashion project at the Crystals Mall in City Center gave Builders United the unique opportunity to work with several specialized contractors on a very high quality project. After some grueling 80 hours weeks, the Berluti Store is open at Crystal City Center - a true work of art the Builders United team is proud of. Berluti is high end retail at its finest. Builders United handled the specialty task of casework installation fabricated and supplied by Bussola & Ralph from Tuxedo Park, NY under the Prime Contractor Alliance Construction on a tightened 3 week schedule that included working through the Thanksgiving Holiday weekend. Our dedicated and skilled team was up to the task and craft wasn't sacrificed even as they worked diligently up to 13 hours a day 7 days a week to meet the deadline. It is a true work of art that Builders United is proud to be a part of.