Production Facilities

With the recent 2016 passing of Nevada's recreational marijuana law, Builders United General Contractors has found a growing market for some niche work in our special construction projects division building and/or renovating existing commercial or industrial building spaces for this newly legalized medical use. "We find many of the same permitting and construction processes and regulations in play with recreational marijuana that you would find on any large medical or hospital construction project, so we at Builders United find that it's a great fit for our on going business." says Shawn Duncan, Project Manager for the division. Builders United recently completed the PWC grow facility as the prime general contractor at their location near Russell Rd and the main 15 freeway in Las Vegas, NV. The site is located directly across Polaris from one of a few proposed Raider's NFL Football Stadium locations, and is positioned for a huge amount of growth serving visitors and the nearby Las Vegas strip community. "The amount of growth this industry will see over the coming 3 years will add to the strengthening of Las Vegas' construction industry. Builders United is glad to be a part."

Medical Production Facilities come with a long list of specialty requirements that the builder and facility must meet in order to gain final approval and begin production. Understanding how to efficiently and effectively meet these requirements can shave months off of the construction schedule. At Builders United, our special projects division has the tools, resources, and time necessary to fully plan and execute the project so that all of these special requirements are planned for and met.