Structural Integrity

Builders United understand the structural complexities of some of the most worlds most iconic buildings. By working behind the scenes and digging deep into the core of these buildings we've built a strong understanding the foundation of engineering principals allowing us to solve some of the industries most critical issues.

Perhaps the most critical responsibility of building owners and operators is to provide a safe and sound environment for the public. Builders United is a trusted resource for building reconstruction and repairs in buildings of all sizes.

Builders United has a BOLD take on difficulty:
We eagerly accept the challenge of projects and clients that require top shelf performance and service. These projects serve as an inner check on ourselves which help verify whether or not we are performing at our highest levels. We find great excitement and satisfaction in completing these projects to the client's satisfaction. The competitor in us requires that we step up to any challenge and defeat any obstacles. While many other contracts would prefer the easy route to a weekly paycheck, the team at Builders United understands that only the best quality work is worth doing. Whether it's mounds of government paperwork, high-end clients with the most critical eye for detail, or the ugliest project schedule under even uglier conditions.

Builders United will get it done...
It is what we do,
it is who we are,
and it is the most defining way that we set ourselves apart from the rest.

You can hire a contractor, or you can hire a career long building professional dedicated to the craft. You know which one you need for your project.