Giving Back to Our Communities - Builders United
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Giving Back to Our Communities


Character – Strength – Passion

The BU symbol reminds us that we are in the people business, and that our very foundation is built on the character, strengths and passion of each of our individuals. We are at our strongest only when each individual can truly harness their very best. Be you, and be the very best version of you is the core of who we are.


Apprenticeship – Educational Resources – Advancement

Build U is our educational and training program that includes internships, certifications and training for both our field and office craftsmen.


Team Building – Community – Charity

B United is our social, community, and charity outreach program. A company can only be ingrained in the community when it digs into the needs of the people. Comprised of monthly charity work, quarterly team building events, and the strength of our network of partners, vendors, subcontractors, and individual contributors we rely on for Success.


“Industry – Networks – Associations”


Unionized construction is the ultimate portrayal of “there is strength in numbers”. By networking through industry associations we are able to stay tuned into what is important to our people and our clients. This ultimately keep us ahead of the pack and on the leading edge of change.


“Performance – Craft – Innovation”


BU is a broadly diverse team of professional builders united by the principles of high performance, dedication to the craft, and innovative ingenuity. We are leveraging education, technology and systems to deliver a superior customer experience that builds lifelong relationships with our clients. We pride ourselves on consistently delivering the high quality, integrity and dependable service that our clients have come to expect.


  1. Bold We step to the forefront and display confidence in the face of challenges, opportunities and tasks.
  2. Unique We strive to set ourselves apart from the competition in valuable ways.
  3. Integrity We are grounded in a firm understanding that strong moral principles guide our business decisions.
  4. Loyalty We value long term relationships and follow through on our commitments.
  5. Dependability We are committed to providing consistent, quality, and reliable services and products to customers past, present and future.

  1. Education We understand that continued education provides us with an edge in technology, quality and efficiency
  2. Respect We have and display deep respect for ourselves, our clients, our team and our profession.
  3. Synergy We harness the multiplying power of information, technology and teamwork to accomplish more with less
  4. Understanding We seek to understand first, then to be understood.
  5. Neatness True Value is found in the details and a clean finished presentation allows our quality of work to shine through.

  1. Ingenuity We use past experience, available information and teamwork to invent solutions to problems as they arise on the fly and away from home base.
  2. Transparency We understand that an open and honest approach to communications, systems and methods is the best path to achieve our common goals.
  3. Excellence We strive for the ultimate quality and customer service in our pursuit of WOWING the customer.
  4. Diversity We welcome a broad range of background and experiences with an understanding that a more diverse team is better able to handle challenges as they arise.